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Smart Irrigation Sprinkler Controller Rainproof Automatic Watering Potted With Built-in Water Pump Two Charging Modes Irrigation Controller Smart Watering Timer For Watering Potted Gardening Garde

Product Features:

    Parameters:Charging mode: solar / direct chargePump flow: 850ml/minWater supply method: pumping, no tapWaterproof rating: RainproofList:Single pump model:Built-in water pump*1Water pipe *10MThree-way tap *10Insert the arrow *10Counterweight filter*1Solar charging board*1Double pump model:Built-in water pump *2Water pipe *20MThree-way tap *20Insert the arrow *20Counterweight filter*2Solar charging board*1Sprinkler System Controller : Built-in…
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Product Description

Charging mode: solar / direct charge
Pump flow: 850ml/min
Water supply method: pumping, no tap
Waterproof rating: Rainproof

Single pump model:
Built-in water pump*1
Water pipe *10M
Three-way tap *10
Insert the arrow *10
Counterweight filter*1
Solar charging board*1

Double pump model:
Built-in water pump *2
Water pipe *20M
Three-way tap *20
Insert the arrow *20
Counterweight filter*2
Solar charging board*1

Product Features

  • Sprinkler System Controller : Built-in lithium battery storage; No need to recharge and replace the battery, can also be used for 1-3 months without charging.Sprinkler System Controller
  • Sprinkler System Controller Timed watering and watering time can be easily controlled, watering in manual mode, water can be added manually by tapping the button, independent of automatic mode.
  • Sprinkler System Controller Lift 5 meters, water flow 850ml / minute, solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in high plants.
  • Sprinkler System Controller Built-in water pump, can pump water from the container to avoid the risk of water leakage.
  • Sprinkler System Controller Built-in overcharge protection lithium battery, mobile phone charger, solar charging board can be charged or long-term power supply.