Sunday , September 27th 2020
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Buud Garden Sprinkler Automatic 360° Rotating Lawn Irrigation System Garden Hose Watering Sprinkler Adjustable 3 Arm Sprayers Watering Sprinkler for Kids

Product Features:

    Package Contains:1x Lawn sprinkler body1x 3 arm rotating nozzle 1x Rotary cyclone nozzle1x Nipple for series1x Nipple 1x Hose quick couplingSpecifications: Size:9.5x7.5x4inchMaterial:ABS Plastic body + Rubber handleSpray Distance: 25-32FeetNozzle Rotation Mode:Automatic 360° rotation after flowing waterNozzle Adjustable Angle:90° to 45° Features: This is a very useful sprinkler, you can…
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Product Description

Package Contains:
1x Lawn sprinkler body
1x 3 arm rotating nozzle
1x Rotary cyclone nozzle
1x Nipple for series
1x Nipple
1x Hose quick coupling

Material:ABS Plastic body + Rubber handle
Spray Distance: 25-32Feet
Nozzle Rotation Mode:Automatic 360° rotation after flowing water
Nozzle Adjustable Angle:90° to 45°

This is a very useful sprinkler, you can water the flowers, water the lawn, cool the yard, water the lawn.
It’s also a summer water park for kids.Bring a cool world to kid’s summer heat, say goodbye to the heat, let children love summer.

This is a sprinkler that can be used in series. If you have a large garden, I think you need it very much.
It doesn’t need every sprinkler connected to the faucet.Only it can save you more trouble and money

Product Features

  • 【Automatic 360° rotating sprinkler】 The sprinkler will automatically rotate after the water goes through.It allows water to be sprayed more widely and more evenly.And the Angle of the nozzle can be adjusted to control the spraying range.
  • 【Can be used in series】This sprinkler can be used in series.Multiple series can spray more areas to meet your requirements of large area spraying.This sprinkler does not require a lot of faucets and hoses as it is easier and simpler than a sprinkler that cannot be connected in series.
  • 【Perfect accessories】There is an alternative blade-shaped nozzle that allows you to enjoy more sprinkler modes without spending money.There is also a hose nipple that allows multiple sprinklers to be connected in series, which can solve the problem of your sprinklers not being connected in series.Hose quick coupling also for free.
  • 【Multi-function sprinkler】This sprinkler can not only water your garden, nursery, lawn and saplings, but also cool your yard, house and road.It is also a water park for kids, so that kids can enjoy the shower under the sun, giving them a cool summer.
  • 【100% Money Back Guarantee】 If you are not satisfied with our sprinkler or if there is a quality problem within 30 days of purchase, you can refund at any time.